We are a public place that wants to be useful to people in their various life situations.

We want to be a space for relaxing, studying, learning, working, creating and meeting with others, and to provide the necessary information, advice, space and tools. We want to be a place that is accessible, safe, friendly and available to everyone.

We want to create conditions and give people and communities the courage to create, grow and be active citizens. We want to focus on current issues of the city and society and thus contribute to a better coexistence and better orientation of people in what is happening around us.

We want to be an open scene of culture and education, bring an interesting program, and be a space for the own activities of everyone who agrees with the importance of mutual respect, discussion, solidarity and responsibility for improving the place and world we live in. Be a part of what’s going on in the library.

We offer a quiet space to concentrate or relax as well as a place for collaboration and team activities. We provide basic technical equipment, artistic tools, and musical instruments. We arrange meetings with personalities of culture and science; we organize reading clubs, creative workshops, language meetings. You will also find here markets and swaps, yoga, technology consulting, historical excursions, film workshops and a young independent theater. We welcome good ideas, shared creation, mutual exchange, and support.

We are a library, a place for art, literature, information, reading, stories, experiences, continuous learning, and discovery throughout the whole life. We believe that curiosity, consideration and empathy are qualities that help everyone to do better and contribute to a better future for all of us.

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